AKM mugshot 200x200I’ve  been a site builder, documentation writer, article writer, web producer, copy editor, reporter and news curator. I have a knack for seeking out and experimenting with new tools to solve problems and a history of working with developers to see projects to fruition.

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I started my career in the editorial world, but I was the kind of web editor who always wanted to go beyond learning how to just post a story in a CMS. I wanted to figure out all the things I could make the software do — whether the development team had intended it to be used that way or not.

That’s why when my career was at a crossroads a few years back, I ultimately decided my future was in working with developers to help create a great user experience for content creators and other end-users of software. I’m drawn to researching existing capabilities, using those findings to brainstorm better workflows with colleagues, then helping develop the paths to bring those ideas to fruition.

I approach learning new software by getting up to speed on the basics and then pondering, “What can I make you do?” If I see a problem that needs to be solved, or the potential for a better way to do a task, I investigate and experiment with the software’s capabilities. I then use my findings to either document new ways to work; talk to a developer about issues I’ve identified and how to best address those concerns; or submit my idea, the problem it would solve and a proposed workflow to the product team for consideration as a new or improved feature.

Some of what I’ve done includes:

-Gone in-depth into learning All Import/Export Pro, discovering uses for these plugins beyond what my company originally intended and finding ways to accomplish tasks that otherwise would have used a developer’s time.

-Identified efficiencies in building websites to help site builders work more quickly pre-launch and make it easier for newsrooms to build pages post-launch.

-Served as a subject matter expert to the product team. I’ve given insight into why particular workflows might help or hinder an editor; debated the pros and cons of potential solutions with colleagues; and proposed both ideas and user interfaces for new and improved features.

-Completed in-depth investigations of different features, then written both internal and customer-facing documentation.

-Trained colleagues who are new to the platform I work on in its use and recommended best practices.

I live in St. Paul, Minnesota, with my husband, child and two cuddly cats. I spend my spare time learning to code, crocheting, reading, sampling new craft beers and traveling, most often heading to my native Arizona to thaw out in the winter.